“Julia was absolutely wonderful. My wife and I are so grateful for all of her help and guidance. Not only did she prepare us with exercises for when labor started but also helped provide lots of information and references to post partum doula after the birth. Some words to describe Julia, especially by my wife are: professional, reassuring, trustworthy, comforting, and prompt with help and answers. She had words of reassurance and wisdom for a lot of my wife’s questions and fears.  And the trust in her really helped my wife and I through post birth. Would highly recommend her if you are looking for a birth doula”. -Johnston Family, November 2017


“We hired Julia for the birth of our first child in August 2016. I had planned on a natural birth, and Julia helped us prepare for that, among other things. We delivered at Kasier Sunset, which was a wonderful experience already, and Julia enhanced that experience 100%. She helped me find my rhythm in labor, and provided massage and different comfort measures. Like I would pace around the room during a contraction, and Julia would follow behind me squeezing my hips like a champ. My mom and husband were also there to support, but it was in a different way. Your family is there for emotional/loving support, Julia was there as an expert and professional, though she was so loving and compassionate that she felt like family.

We were unsure if we wanted to hire a doula (and by we I mean mostly my husband) due to the cost; however, we are 100% glad that we did and will do it again. She really helped take the pressure off my husband during labor, yet he still was an active participant in the process. Women have been helping women give birth for centuries, a doula just make good sense to me. Even though I ended up getting an epidural (I began to regress in my progress), Julia was still immensely helpful and there every step of the way. She even got the baby to flip from sunny side up just before pushing!

Additionally, Julia was an excellent resource before and after the birth as well. She has provided excellent resources during pregnancy and the newborn period. I certainly could have reached out to my Doctor as well, but Julia was very accessible all the time with a quick call or text. My baby is 5 months now and I still reach out to her for help.

Julia thank-you for being a wonderful support and encourager before, during and after our birth–you are amazing!!!” McBride Family, January 2017


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