Placenta Preperation

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The placenta is the sustain force for the baby during pregnancy, and preserves the hormones needed in pregnancy for the mother and baby. It’s developed out of the same egg and sperm that makes the baby. It provides the baby with the nutrients needed in pregnancy and acts as a filter between mom and baby during pregnancy. The blood in the placenta filters approximately 600/700 ml a minute and waste is transferred into the mother’s blood stream for disposal via the umbilical cord. The placenta is one of the cleanest organs.

I carefully prepare the placenta by completely dehydrating steamed or raw placenta then carefully grinding it up into powder to feel capsules for ingestion.

The benefits to placenta ingestion are;

  • The replenishment of the hormone loss after the birth and in the early postpartum period
  • Assistance by hormones that encourage bonding
  • Reduce the risk of “Baby Blues”
  • Assist with reducing postpartum bleeding by replenishing oxytocin that stimulate uterine contractions
  • Restore iron loss after the birth
  • Provide B12 which can help increase energy
  • Increase breast milk production
  • Aid in pain relief during the postpartum healing and shorten the recovery period

There are other uses for your placenta after your early postpartum period. Not only can your placenta be used in your early postpartum period but during your menstrual cycles, fighting of illnesses, during teething of the baby and/or stressful periods, to aid with fighting of illnesses for the mother and baby, and the support of the transition into menopause.

As your placenta preparation specialist I will provide you with a copy of my letter of agreement, liability form, and “release of placenta and waiver liability”. I will be available via in person meeting, phone, email or text for consultations and questions. We will discuss the best method of preparation for you beforehand. With all of my placenta preparations I record the details of the placenta and method of preparations for your reference.

I have credentials that include Blood Borne Pathogens certification, Food Handler’s license in accordance to California’s requirements.

I customize your preparation to fit your needs. Your placenta can be prepared and encapsulated using Traditional Chinese Medicine Method or the Raw Preparation Method. I offer vegetarian size “0” capsules. My turn around for preparation is generally 24-72 hours. It may take longer if your placenta has been previously frozen.


Placenta Encapsulation: 

I charge a base price of $300 which includes picking up the placenta from the birth location, placenta pills, cord keepsake, and delivery of the placenta products to your home. There is an additional charge for tinctures and placenta prints.


Placenta Tincture: 

A placenta tincture can be made using a small piece of your placenta and high-proof alcohol. I use high quality 100 proof Brandy or Triples Distilled Vodka. A tincture indefinitely preserves your placenta while extracting the nutrients and hormones to make them available for you to use. Tincture can be used in the future for difficult menstruation and menopause or for baby while teething or to increase your milk supply. A tincture is placed in a dark, dry place and takes 6 weeks to cure before use. The cost is $20 for a 4 oz bottle.

 Placenta Prints and Cord Keepsake




A print can be made from your placenta on heavy paper using either cord blood or food safe colored dye. Your baby’s name, birthday, and birth stats can be added to the print for a lovely keepsake. Cord keepsakes are also a special way to save a piece of you and your baby. It can be dehydrated along with your placenta in a number of shapes like a heart, spiral, or the word love (if the cord is long enough). Prints and cord keepsakes are complimentary with your encapsulation.

There are very few risk for ingesting your placenta, but here are a few reasons why your placenta could become unsafe to ingest. As your Placenta Preparation Specialist I make sure I follow all the guidelines learned through my Blood Borne Pathogens Certification and Food Handlers Course. I always remind my clients to not let the whole placenta be taken to pathology but only a piece. Clear instructions for how to handle the placenta after birth is discussed in our prenatal discussion.

Risk to ingesting the placenta

  • Unsanitary conditions. If the placenta is prepared in a kitchen that is dirty you run the risk of viral and bacterial contamination.
  • Improper sanitizing techniques. This puts you and your client at risk for cross contamination, the spreading of blood borne pathogens and rancid blood.
  • Pathology. When the placenta is sent to pathology there are always risks associated. There is a chance that the placenta has been contaminated with chemicals, that the equipment used for examination has not been properly sterilized and even the placenta that was returned not belonging to your client.
  • Too little dehydration. If the placenta is not dehydrated at a high enough temperature, or if it was ground and encapsulated prematurely you run the risk of fungus, mold and bacterial contamination. This can make the mother and breastfeeding baby very ill.